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TEFLON, Delmon Teflon gaskets are manufactured for your different requirement. Pure 100% expanded PTFE, PTFE filled with glass micro spheres, PTFE filled with Barium sulphate, PTFE filled with silica. They can cut into various gaskets, used in chemicals, pharmaceutical and food industries. Highly preferable for food related industries due to non toxic nature and less reactive to food components. Non sticky to the flange faces make the removal easier.

  DL 24         -        Pure Teflon
  DL 1570     -        Glass sphere filled Teflon
  DL 1580     -        Barium sulphate filled Teflon        
  DL 1590     -        Silica filled Teflon

Style DL 24 DL 1570 DL 1580 DL 1570
Colour White Blue Off-White Fawn
Density 1.1g/cm³ 1.7g/cm³ 2.9g/cm³ 2.1g/cm²
Max.Pressure 40 bar 55 bar 83 bar 83 bar
Temparature -240 to +270°C -210 to 260°C -210 to 260°C -210 to 260°C