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Delmon Slide Bearing
In a wide range of applications, Delmon slide bearings are superior to conventional expansion plates, rollers and rocker arms, accommodating expansion, contraction and other reciprocating motions of any structure that moves as a result of thermal, seismic or different forces.

Such bearings must operate at high loads and low speeds. And it is under just these conditions that the self-lubricating properties of Delmon PTFE slide bearing are at maximum. This, together with its no stick-slip and anti-weathering charactaristics, is the main reason why Delmon PTFE slide bearing are has proved so successful as a slide bearing material.

Typical applications are:
Steam heated pipelines on North sea oil production modules Oil, water and chemical transportation – above ground pipemains Structural steel fabrication/building, Flu-gas mains, de-sulphurisation plant, offshore flare stack structures. Large complex concrete building – Multi-storey car parks, civic centres etc.


The life of a bearing can be calculated using Archard wear Equation:


T = life in hours
L = liner wear in mm
V = sliding velocity in m/s
P = pressure in kg/cm2
K = wear factor, K is not necessarily a constant for a given material, but will vary with velocity, pressure and conditions of test, We can specify K for various conditions on request.

Properties of Materials
  FL 100 Virgin PTFE
FL 129 Reinforced PTFE
Specify Gravity 2.14 - 2.18
2.19 - 2.27
Tensile Strength MPa 20 - 28
14 - 20
Elonation % 200 - 350
160 - 300
Compressive Modules MPa 415
Hardness Shore D 50 - 60
60 - 65