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Delmon Slide Bearing
Picture Style Products Application Main Properties
Y7000 Expanded Graphic Yarn
Made from twisted low-sulphur expanded graphite combined with reinforcing materials, and are suitable for braided packings.

There is a wide variety of reinforcing materials used in the yarn twisting for different working conditions, which include cotton yarn, fiberglass, carbonized fiber, wires of nickel alloy, stainless steel and copper etc.

3 g/m

5 g/m

10 g/m

Y7001 Reinforced Graphite Yarn
TA7002 Expanded Graphite Tape

Designed for use as packing, just with wrapping tape to stem or shaft, and then stuffing, endless packing can be formed. It's easily installed small diameter valves, and can also be used for emergencies when spare packings are not available.

It can handle hot water, higher temparature and pressure steam, heat transfer fluid, hydrogen gas, ammonia, organic solvents and so on.


0.4mm; 0.5mm


0.7, 1.0g/cm³


10m, 15m

TA70025 Expanded Graphite Tape with adhesive coating
TA7002C Corrugated Graphite Tape
TA7002CS Corrugated Graphite Tape with adhesive coating
TA7002K Expanded Graphite Tape with Corrosion inhibiter
TU7004 (S) Braided Graphite Tape

To be used as endless gasket-strip for vessels and flanges of exterme unevenness, high temparature and high pressure.

For Heat-Exchangers, boilers, pipes, doors, covers,etc. Easy handling and installation to every size, also used as a universal-gasket during revisions, etc.

TU7004S: Braided graphite tube with adhesive coating

-220°C - 550°C

P = 100 bar (7004)

25 bar (70041)

PH = 0 - 14

TU70041 Braided Graphite Tape reinforced with metal wire
TA7006 Braided Graphite Tape
Made of expanded graphite yarns, have the same performance as expanded graphite, can be used as the sealing for expansion, valve rods and furnace doors

Thickness: 1.5 - 3.2mm

Length: 30-50mm

Width: 100mm

CO7008 Braided Graphite Cloth
Woven expanded graphite yarns, is soft, resilient and resistant to high temparature, it is an ideal substitute of asbestos fabrics for fire proof or flame insulation.
Picture Style Products Application Main Properties
TA 7100 A/B Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Tape with self-adhesive
Pure PTFE of stretched structure for flanges and vessels in all branches of industry. Resistant to almost all media. It is an ideal sealing material for enamel, glass, rough and special shapped sealing surface
T = 240°C - +280°C
Pmax = 150par
Width: 3-20mm
Thickness: 1.5 - 7mm
0.7gcm³ (7100A)
0.9gcm³ (7100B)
TA 7102 PTFE Thread Sealing Tape (Without Oil)
Gaskets for threads and screwed connections.
Resistant to water, steam, oil, solvents, acids.
Wind the strip in antiscrew-tightening directions.
T = 200°C ~ 280°C , P = 50 bar
PH = 0 ~ 14


0.08 ~ 0.1mm
Length: 10, 20m
TA 7102 PTFE Thread Sealing Tape (With Oil)

Thickness :
0.1 ~ 0.5mm
Length : 20m

Glass Fiber
Picture Style Products Application Main Properties
TA 7100 Braided Glass Fiber Tape
Made from textured fiberglass, it offers superior insulating properties as well as low chloride content.

Applications include wrapping of steam tracer line, hot pipe protection, exhaust manifold insulatin, strip curtains for oven doors, tadpole tape and gaskets.

Available in stainless steel wire reinforced, heat treated tan colour finish, laminated with aluminium foil, and coated with silicon rubber or vermiculite etc.

1.5 ~ 302mm

30 ~ 50m/roll

TA 72001 Reinforced Glass Fiber Tape
TA 7200G Glass Fiber Tape with Graphite Impregnation
CO7202 Braided Glass Fiber Cloth
Both wrap and weft fabric yarns are bulk yarns of glass fiber. There
are many superior capabilities of high strength, low density, better insulation cladding in heating and cooling process, fire blankets, other insulation covers, insulation of equipment on ships and the like
Ceramic Fiber
Picture Style Products Application Main Properties
TA7300 Braided Glass Fiber Tape
Delmon ceramic fiber product is a type of new heat insulation refactory and inorganic materials. It has many advantage, such as light weight, resistant to high temparature, hot shake, minor in heat capacity, good heat insulation, resistant to acid and alkali and free of poison etc. It can also be processed into a wide range of heat insulation products with quite high tensile strength and toughness.

1.0 ~ 3.2mm


TA73001 Reinforced Ceramic Fiber Tape
TA300G Ceramic Fiber Tape with Graphite Impregnation
CO7302 Braided Ceramic Fiber Cloth