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NBR, SBR, CR, EPDM...Delmon rubber gaskets are manufactured for your different requirements such as oil- resisting, acid and alkali-resisting, cold and heat-resisting, insulation anti-seismic etc. They can cut into various gaskets, used in chemicals, fire-resisting and food. They also can be used as sealer, buffer rubber ring, rubber mat, sealing strip and for the decoration of step of flights and ground of hotel, port boats and ships, vehicles etc.

Hardness (sh)
Elongation %
Tensile Strength
4600NR Natural Rubber Sheet Black 1.6g.cm³ 70±5 250 3.0Mpa -5-±50°C
4600NBR Nitrile Rubber Sheet Black 1.5g.cm³ 65±5 280 5.0Mpa


4600SBR Styrene-butadine Rubber sheet Black/Red 1.55g.cm³ 65±5 300 4.5Mpa


4600CR Neoprene Rubber sheet Black 1.5g.cm³ 60±5 300 4.5Mpa


4600CRC Neoprene Rubber sheet Black 1.5g.cm³ 60±5 300 4.5Mpa


4600EPDM Ethylene propylenediene rubber sheet Black 1.4g.cm³ 65±5 300 8.0Mpa


4600MUQ Silicone Rubber sheet White 1.2g.cm³ 50±5 400 8.0Mpa


4600FPM Flourine rubber sheet Black 2.0g.cm³ 70±5 350 8.0Mpa


4600RFI Fire-resistance rubber sheet Black 1.7g.cm³ 65±5 280 4.5Mpa


4600FR Food grade rubber sheet Red/White 1.6g.cm³ 60±5 300 60Mpa