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Delmon Code No. DL 150

Gasket material based on organic fibre with NBR binder.
Factors affecting on the gasket
The suitability of a gasket material for an application is dependent upon a multiplicity of factors as shown in the above diagram. Max. temparature and pressure values can not define the suitability for application. It is always advisable to consider these factors when selecting a material for a given application.


General purpose grade suitable for low pressure steam, water, oils, fuels and inert gases for low stress conditions.


Areas of Application

1) This area refer, the gasket material is normally suitable subject to chemical Compatibility.

2) This area refer, the gasket material may be suitable but a technical support is recommended.

3) This area refer, do not install the gasket without technical evaluation.

Dimensions of the standard sheets:

1500 mm x 150 mm, 1500 mm x 2250 mm, 1500 mm x 4500 mm
Specification : ASTM F104 F712132 E43 A9 B6 M4

Technical Data
All data are typical values and refer to sheet thickness of 1.5mm
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