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These are semi-metallic gaskets in which Non-asbestos millboards are jacketed with sheet metal. The gasket can be fabricated in complicated surface formas or with large diameters, and has a wide range of applications because of its heat resisting ability (almost as high as that for the metals) and its excellent cushioning characteristics. The jacket surfaces have been recently treated with pure expanded graphite to further improve their sealing ability and thereby increase the application range of metal jacketed gaskets.



Style No. 1000 1001 1004 1006 1100 1600 1604

Single Metal Jacketed Gasket

Squared Metal Jacketed Gasket Double metal Jacketed Gasket Corrugated Metal Jacketed Gasket Rounded Metal Jacketed Gasket Graphite Treated Single Metal Jacketed Gasket Graphite Treated Double Metal Jacketed Gasket
Standard Filler Non-Asbestos Millboard Joint sheet

Non-Asbestos Millboard

Non - Asbestos Millboard

Non-Asbestos Millboard

Non-Asbestos Millboard Non-Asbestos Millboard
Surface Treatment - - - - - (Graphite) (Graphite)

Shape and Shape Symbol